Magnet AXIOM - Term Based

Recover & Analyze All Evidence In One Case.

·         Recover data from Smartphones, Computers, and the Cloud

·         Examine evidence across all your sources in one case file

·         Surface and share insights with powerful Analytics and reporting tools

Digital investigations today are complex, with potential evidence increasingly spread out over a wide variety of devices, applications, and services. Examiners need solutions that can quickly and easily surface the evidence that matters to their case. 

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Magnet AXIOM enables you to recover, analyze, and report on digital evidence from Smartphones, Computers, and the Cloud, all in one case file.

MOBILE: Recover data from the most sources such as GrayKey, Cellebrite, Oxygen, and more, to get the most evidence

COMPUTER: Recover evidence from Windows, Mac, and Linux-based products and discover hundreds of artifacts including browser history and deleted files

CLOUD: Retrieve data from 50+ of the most popular cloud services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iCloud, Google, and more

Acquisition: The growing number of data sources—whether it’s smartphones, computers, the cloud, removable data, IoT devices—is making it harder to piece together every evidence source in an investigation. AXIOM streamlines the acquisition of data sources in the first stage of a digital forensics examination and pulls together all evidentiary sources in one case file.

Data Recovery: Built on the principle that artifacts-first forensics is the most efficient way to search and examine data, AXIOM gets to the most relevant information quickly. Artifacts such as browser history, email, chats, pictures, location data, videos, documents, and social networks are quickly surfaced for immediate analysis. Use Dynamic App Finder to find relevant artifact data like chats from apps that aren’t supported yet.

Data Analysis: Examining more apps, more storage, and more hidden data than ever before can be time consuming. AXIOM’s powerful and intuitive Analytics features like Connections, Timeline, and Magnet.AI help forensics examiners and professionals quickly uncover the truth and understand what truly happened.

Report: Get clear, visual reports in many different formats for all audiences. AXIOM’s flexible Exports allow you to choose the data that is most relevant to your case to be included in your report. With Export templates, you can improve the efficiency and consistency of reporting agency-wide.

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