Rinnovo Annuale VFC4 Corporate

450,00 €
Tasse escluse

Rinnovo annuale licenza VFC4 (versione LE) - Per rinnovo della licenza entro i 3 mesi successivi alla data di scadenza.


  • Spedizione sicura! Spedizione sicura!
  • Spedizione con corriere espresso! Spedizione con corriere espresso!
  • Supporto tecnico! Supporto tecnico!


  • Bypass Windows User Account passwords in seconds.
    • Includes Pass Word Bypass (PWB) Routines for Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10.
    • The latest update* includes PWB routines for 42 variants of Windows 10 OS alone.
    • PWB routines now externalised from the main program for faster, independent updates.
    • PWB process expedited for quicker analysis and implementation.
  • User Account Password hashes are extracted to the splash screen and embedded in the VMX annotation.
    • The provision of password hashes enables the use of external hash-cracking tools to identify the original system-password. This helps with programs that require EFS access.
  • Point-and-click option to add in additional hardware to load external or multiple drives into an existing VM (to rebuild the suspect machine as last viewed by them).
  • Point-and-click generation of a standalone Virtual Machine for sharing with non-technical departments.
  • Restore Point Forensics allows the user to ‘Rewind’ a VFC VM back in time.
  • Larger GUI and bigger splash screen on home tab.
  • Supports GPT formatted disks.
  • Support for Windows 3.1 – Windows 10.
  • Additional support for Apple Mac OSX, Linux and SunSolaris.
  • Heavy investment in R & D resulting in regular updates.
  • Full phone and email support.

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